Alonia 2

Alonia 2 was an Alonian colony. It is a submerged planet orbiting a brown dwarf, which was colonized by the Alonians but abandoned because of climate change.


Alonia 2 was a cool planet about the size of Iphael, which was completely covered in water except a few islands, which is where the Alonians settled. They reclaimed land (like the Palanians had done with Palania) and created large cities, some of them under the water.

But scientists discovered that erosion and floods were stronger than on Palania, and that the planet was affected by climate change that caused the large parts of ice in the cooler regions of the planet to – extraordinarily fast – melt, causing the islands to disappear.

The Alonians first reclaimed land, installed systems to protect the cities from floods, and also erected tall walls that could be raised in cases of storms that caused floods, but eventually had to abandon the planet. In the meantime, the planet is completely submerged, with no more islands visible. The Alonians left large amounts of ruins and spaceships behind, which caused the Saurians to plunder Alonia 2.

Fauna and flora

Though scientists could never fully record them, they presume that many forms of bacteria exist in the water.

People of Alonia 2

There are no more people living on Alonia 2. The planet is uninhabited.