Alonians (Naikki)

Dagon Naikkipalli (left) and Arikmé Áratray (right)

Home planet: Íphael (former: Alonia)

Country: Alonia (Naikki)

The Alonians are estimated the most ancient civilization on Íphael.

Their head is elongated in a less extreme way than the heads of Palanians. The Alonians have a quite dazzling range of skin colours, whilst the Palanians hardly have two kinds of tones. Their skin is mainly rather dark / tanned, whilst Hybrid-Alonians are white because of a DNA mutation that accidently developed through DNA editing. The Alonians are known for their incredible war technology, biochemical knowledge, and their wide-ranged, fascinating religion that dominates their whole culture.


Alonians are not as tall as humans, and rather fragile, whilst being extremely athletic. Their skin colour ranges from tanned (in the north and east) to mocha-coloured (Mereille, south of Ávenoy, east) to a dark tone (Uhût), whilst their hair is always a silky black. Despite its silky and straight characteristics, Alonian hair is very thick and repels water. These characteristics are even found in the hair of Hybrid-Alonians, which is lighter. Alonian eyes possess slanting characteristics that we would associate with Asian or South American eyes, whilst being slightly larger than human eyes (with the exception of Uhût tribes, whose members do not have slanting eyes). The eyes of Alonians also possess the ability to change the size of the pupil more than humans are able to, something they may have developed after settling on Íphael.


The back construction of Alonians is slightly different than that of humans, which suggests that Alonians have spent more time walking upright than humans before becoming a modern civilization. Their bodies suggest that they have been hunters, although they have completely given up on eating meat since colonizing Íphael. The only body hair Alonians possess is the hair on their head and their eyebrows. Their bodies are completely void of hair apart from their head, and men don’t grow any facial hair. However, it is likely that they once had body hair, but lost it during evolving further, because wearing clothes all the time made body hair redundant.


DNA editing is common in Alonia and was used for thousands of years, which have led to the Alonians to become immune against all types of bacteria, virus, and parasite common on Íphael. Alonian blood is also slightly poisonous. Alonian scientists could not determine whether this has evolved through their DNA editing or if Alonians have had poisonous blood when they arrived on Íphael. Now, DNA editing is also used for cosmetic surgery. The DNA editing also led to a mutation in the species: the Hybrid- Alonians.




Hybrid-Alonians are a phenomenon that emerged when Alonians began editing their DNA for better adaption to the environment of Íphael. It is a mutation (actually, an illness) that causes Alonians to have very light skin, white hair, and sometimes blue or grey eyes. The illness doesn’t harm them, but their appearance is significantly changed as compared to the other Alonians. Hybrid-Alonians can be born to a non-Hybrid couple, and there currently isn’t any way to stop the mutation. Scientists believe that the mutations were triggered through the immune editing of the Alonian DNA, which was done to make Alonians immune to nearly all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and poisons.


Character and personality

The Alonians are a very belligerent people, but only use their skills for defence. The Alonians from Íphael have never attacked any other civilization on a whim, or for any other reason than defence of their planet. Their religion forbids them to harm any animal for the purpose of eating or using it, which is why Alonians don’t eat any meat. You can get meat in both Palania and Alonia, but it is always made artificially.



The Alonian culture is very strictly defined by their religion. War is also an important part of the Alonian culture. The Alonian religion defines the way Alonians eat, dress, behave, talk, and even fight. The rules were taken from the Instructions, an ancient text the ancestors of the modern Alonians were given when they left the planet Ancient Alonia.


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The Andómena and the civilization of Ancient Alonia

Before the Ancient Alonians left their home planet, Ancient Alonia, their civilization was struck by a string of problems that almost led to the extinction of the race.


It could be reconstructed from tales and records that Alonia had been a very highly developed planet, and that the Alonians had already used quantum communication and AI. The planet of Alonia was slightly smaller than the Earth, or about the size of the Earth, with a mingled tropical and dry climate. The Alonians built several cities, some of which were known for their golden buildings, and constructed a lot of pyramids, which were meant to honour the ghosts.


The modern civilization of Alonia was about four thousand years old when astronomers discovered a new planet in the orbit of their two suns; a gigantic planet that orbited the suns in such a wide and elliptic circle that it would near the planet only all ten thousand years. Scientists had already figured that a string of natural cataclysms seemed to occur on Alonia every ten thousand years, without knowing what caused these catastrophes. They calculated the orbit of the newly discovered planet and found out that it was this planet that neared the planet every ten thousand years, disrupting the climate and weather on Alonia in ways that it had caused mass extinction on the planet. The Alonians calculated that they would have roughly … years to prepare for the encounter with the planet. They built transparent, high walls to fend off tsunamis, built a shelter located in the orbit of the planet to evacuate people while the planet would be hostile, and warned the public.


The planet caused floods so inclement that even some of the transparent walls broke, and destroyed most cities. However, the civilization survived the encounter by hiding in the shelter in space during the cataclysm. After a year, it was save to return to the planet. But this was when the next bad news reached the government from the scientists. The planet was to be threatened yet again.


Only a few years after the incident with the new planet, scientists discovered a jet of “fire” that was soaring towards Alonia at light speed. The Alonians had been devastated after the planet that had caused storms and floods when passing Alonia, but this time, they knew that evacuating the planet would be inevitable. The burst would wipe away the atmosphere from the planet and burn everything on the surface.


The Alonians planned the evacuation of the planet, and used some of the spaceships they had constructed for the evacuation a few years before.



The Alonian civilization has gone through a severe decline in population after their flight from Ancient Alonia. The crash of the Andómena led to a decline of the Alonians that made their population shrink to about 10’000 people, nearly leading to their extinction. Their population grew and reached more than 6 billion, until the Alonian government lowered that number again with introducing birth control.


Relations to other civilizations

Alonians do have diplomatic connections to the Scaleskins, and the Néxháda.