Name: Búran


Languages: Râshkád, Farfestian, Palanian

Population: 20 million

Demography: Scaleskins, Scaleskin-Palanians, Palanians, Scaleskin-Alonians

Economy: independent

Colonies: none

Colonization: This country was colonized by Farfestian tribes before the Palanians conquered the planet. Later, the Palanians claimed the country, and used it to settle Scaleskins. Zaentzygar and Palania were never able to agree who could trade with the country, and Búran was declined to have diplomatic relations to Palania and Zaentzygar. This was during a time that Palania and Zaentzygar were at the verge of starting a battle, and Palania sought to punish Zaentzygar because they didn’t agree with Zaentzygar starting to practice capitalism, once they were independent. The country Búran ended up being abandoned by Palania but not fully accepted by Zaentzygar, which left the country with a completely devastated and not accepted economy. The country hasn’t recovered from this yet.