Naptra (Naptil, Naptaille)

Naptra is a planet about the size of Earth in the orbit of Ea (the same orbit as Iphael). It had not been colonized by the Palanians and labelled “unsuitable for settling” because of its atmosphere and scarce landscape.

The planet was colonized by the Scaleskins after they had been freed from being servants in Palania. They were allowed to colonized Naptra as part of the compensation for having been forced into slavery by the Palanians. The Scaleskins are a species that has been created artificially with the purpose of replacing AIs, but started revolting shortly afterwards.


As Iphael and any other planet in the Ea system, Naptra is a comparably young world, and can be described as being in its Carboniferous age. Naptra did not produce any kind of life forms and the plants were brought to the planet by the Scaleskins when they settled on it.

Naptra is closer to the sun Ea and therefore palpable hotter than Iphael. However, its axis is tilted, which means that it does have seasons as compared to Íphael, which does not know any seasons.

Fauna and Flora

The world does not have any natural life forms and all animals and plants introduced to the planet were brought there by the Scaleskins.

Natural catastrophes

Naptra is less tectonically active than Iphael, and also does have less extreme climate, which means that it doesn’t have the huge amount of natural catastrophes as Iphael. But the planet is known to produce very inclement storms, most of them sand storms.


Naptra uses the same transport technology as Iphael. The most common way to travel is by spaceship or chariot. However, since the planet hardly has any water, there are no ways to travel on water.

People of Naptra

The people of Naptra are almost exclusively Scaleskins, with only a small part of the population being Alonians, Palanians, hybrids, or Mercenaries (a form of Scaleskins).