Name: Qarqai

Capital: Tólo (on the island Tólo)

Languages:  Palanian, Qarqaiisian accent

Population: 50 million

Demography: , Qarqaiisians, Palanians, Scaleskin-Palanians, Alonians, Farfestians, Scaleskins

Economy: Eqilonian economy

An island of Qarqai.

Colonies: none

Colonization: Qarqai evolved through Alonian and Farfestian tribes settling there before the colonization by the Palanians, and through Palanians settling there later when conquering the planet.

Climate: Qarqai is composed of main land, which is very arid, and thousands of islands that are the result of erosion and an earthquake that was strong enough to cause Qarqai to fall apart. Nearly all islands are covered in forest and most people live on the islands. However, many of the islands are threatened by floods, and erosion.