Scaleskins (Râshkád)

Home planet: Íphael, Naptil (Al. Naptaille, Rs. Naptra)

The Râshkáda, also known as Scaleskins, are an artificial race created by the Alonians and Pelonians during reign of Šayar Cayar (II) with the purpose to serve them as their slaves.

They live on Íphael, and on Naptra, and although they make up only a small part of population on Íphael, they are actually the dominant civilization in the solar system by population, with more Scaleskins than Pelonians living in the Íphael system.

Súhan Šelpaine, a Scaleskin


The creation of the Scaleskins and their naturalisation as full citizens of the Realm

The Scaleskins are an artificially created race that was bred to serve the Pelonians, during the reign of Šayar Cayar the First (7, Yúang), although plans to create an artificial race had first appeared in 7, Teiríyang. After the First Colonists’ War, the Pelonians and Alonians needed help with building cities that had been destroyed in the war, and new cities in the colonies. The idea of creating an artificial species emerged after several attempts to create an AI that could do all the tasks of a labourer had failed. The AI, although very advanced, still could not fulfil the expectations of the Pelonians, which is why plans were made to create a species with the only purpose to serve the Pelonians. The Alonians, being excellent biochemists, were given the task to help creating an artificial race that then would serve as labourers. The Alonian history books say that the Alonians were forced to create the Scaleskins, to restore the peace after the First Colonies’ Wars. A record says that Šayar Cayar said:


‘I want hard-working, strong servants,

which can serve us, and fight our wars as our warriors,

so they shall be athletic, strong, inclement, and obedient.

I want their faces to be evil, so the enemies will be scared of them,

But I don’t want my servants, and my maids, to look sad.

If I desire a maid, I want her to look fair.

They have to be intelligent, and talented, and advanced.

I want them to be a race that is as developed as we (the Pelonians) are.’


The Alonian scientists warned Šayar Cayar that such a powerful, and highly-developed species could attempt to invade Íphael, and revolt against the Pelonians, but Šayar Cayar stated that he would prevent them from resurging by stripping them off of all rights.

We as humans can’t imagine the despair that must come with the knowledge of being a species that has only been created to work as slaves for a more advanced species, yet the Scaleskin slavery went on for many thousands of years, until the Scaleskins revolted—as the Alonians had predicted and warned the Pelonians of—and attempted to overthrow the Pelonian government in 8, Ekish.

After the war, the Pelonians released the Scaleskins and allowed them to either leave Eqilonia, or stay and become naturalised. The Scaleskins were allowed to colonize Naptil, a planet in the solar system of Íphael, and the Alonians helped them. They were also given the country of Zaentzygar, which they were allowed to administer the way they wanted. The Scaleskins then introduced capitalism to Zaentzygar, which let to rows with the Pelonians. The Scaleskins were also given their own state within Pelonia, which is Mištan.



The Scaleskins were created with both Pelonian and Alonian DNA, with Saurian DNA, and the DNA of a species the Alonians ‘did not want the public to know’. As the records of the construction were destroyed, it is not possible to evaluate from which species the Alonians may have created the Scaleskins. There have been theories that it must be the species they have inherited their black, sharp eyes from, because none of the known species, which DNA had been used for the creation of the Scaleskins, do have such eyes.

The Scaleskins are known for their entirely greyish skin, which is, except around the face, covered in scales. In Pelonia, slaves and AI servants used to wear the colour grey, which is why the Scaleskins were made with grey skin, so that they could be recognized as servants. They actually do have anthracite-coloured blood, like the Pelonians. Another characteristics are their huge, completely black, striking eyes. Scaleskins are rather fragile, but very athletic, which derives from their relation to the Alonians. Their eyes appear to be violet or indigo when bleached through cosmetic surgery, and when bleached, the iris becomes visible while only the pupil stays black. The feeling that they have to look more Pelonian still exists among Scaleskins and leads to a lot of cosmetic surgery being done.


Character and personality

The Scaleskins still have a rather dutiful character, which may derive from that their race was created to have the character of a servant. Scaleskins still typically do jobs in Eqilonia that are associated with serving, advising, and security. They are advisors, guards, supervisors, or warriors. In the past, the Scaleskins were able to fight back attacks of the Saurians within hours, because of their scales that protected them from being injured. They also were helpful in the second Qézháda attack, which prevented the Alonians from having to use Blue Hail in Pelonia.


The Scaleskins possess traits that are foreign to the Pelonians and Alonians, like their appreciation of capitalism. It had also been reported that Scaleskins had attempted to hunt animals in the forests, or stated that they would like to eat meat. In Eqilonia, only the consumption of artificially bred meat is allowed; it is prohibited to eat the meat from an actual animal.

When the first couple of generations of Scaleskins started working in Pelonia, their supervisors started noticing unsettling traits about them. There had been a few problems with the construction of the Scaleskins, where Scaleskins were allergic to their own scales and therefore needed medication all the time, or deformations, but the mutation that later was called “Scaleskins illness” could not be explained. There were innumerable cases where Scaleskins mid-work put down their weapons or whatever they were holding, stopped what they were doing, and seemingly spontaneously, and without reason, attacked and sometimes slaughtered their supervisors, masters, and even other Scaleskins, apparently going mad out of nothing. Because of the aesthetics of the Scaleskins’ eyes, there weren’t any signs that would have warned from those outbursts.

Scaleskins settlements and economy

The Scaleskins settled in Mištan, after the state was handed to them. They were also given the planet of Naptil (Al. Naptaille, Pel. Naptil, Naptra) in Íphael’s solar system, to have their own planet as a species. The Pelonians helped with colonizing the planet, since they were responsible for the creation of the Scaleskins and their compulsion into slavery.

This allowed the Scaleskins to run their planet – and country – the way they wanted, as long as they stuck with Íphaelian law. They were even allowed to introduce the system of capitalism in the countries that they controlled, which is why Zaentzygar is the only country on the planet practicing capitalism.


Zaentzygar had been a Scaleskins settlement outside Eqilonia for many years (the country had been created by the Pelonians to breed Scaleskins there), and the Scaleskins introduced a form of capitalism to the country early. The country fell to poverty after the system the Scaleskins had created failed and an economical disaster nearly destroyed the country. Zaentzygar has never managed to fully recover from the economy crisis and large regions of the country remain being struck by poverty. Now, also Farfestians and Pelonians live there, that may be the distant descendants of the people that used to work in Zaentzygar to breed and observe the Scaleskins, but as this happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, you can’t reconstruct where they came from. The Pelonians have announced that they will not meddle in and that the Scaleskins and the citizens of Zaentzygar would have to find their own solution to save the country.



The Scaleskins have faced centuries of discrimination, even until after they were naturalised as citizens of Eqilonia. Pelonians felt threatened by their existence, and there is the saying that “you can’t trust a Scaleskin, because you never see where they are looking”.

First, Scaleskins were not even allowed to enter Pelonia if they were not summoned there for work. They were restricted to live in special settlements like Zaentzygar and from there flown to work by the companies they worked for. Scaleskins were not allowed to settle in Pelonia, or marry a Pelonian. They were banned from owning their own spaceships / chariots and had to use Scaleskin- only transport that allowed them to commute to work. These transportations were sometimes very tight with not a lot of space as compared to the modern transportation the rest of Eqilonia used. Because the Scaleskins were some sort of AI, but with a biological body, they were paid only the basic amount that covered sparse food and accommodation.


Inter-marriages between Pelonians or Alonians and Scaleskins are allowed in the Realm, even though licenses are more limited.


Relations to other planets / civilizations


The relationship between Scaleskins and Alonians has always been better than the relationship between Scaleskins and the Pelonians. The Scaleskins view the Alonians as their true creators, which gave them rather useful traits such as the scales, immunity to all kinds of viruses and bacteria, and the ability to survive in atmospheres with less oxygen than on Íphael. The Alonians have also offered the Scaleskins DNA editing to make them look more Pelonian after the Scaleskins had been freed from slavery. However, this was prohibited by the Pelonian government that feared the Scaleskins could infiltrate Pelonia if they started to look like Pelonians. The Alonians have also repeatedly taken responsibility for “their” race, and naturalised Scaleskins or supported them when the Pelonians didn’t do so. The system in Alonia that appreciates talented warriors allowed the Scaleskins to have careers despite being slaves. The Scaleskins also adopted the Alonian religion, and always wore their hair long, and in Alonian hairstyles. The Scaleskin language developed from a form of Alonian, which shows that the Scaleskins didn’t want to talk Mexala-talámy when they were not working.