Due to its entirely straight axis, the planet does have a belt which is dry, hot, and too hostile to be suitable for colonization. This belt is called Tehería (“sand-coloured country”), and makes up the largest country on the planet, whilst being the least populated country.

The belt of Tehería is the region that faces the highest amount of energy from the sun Ea, which is why large parts of the country are used to collect energy from the sun, which is used in whole Eqilonia.

Tehería with the blue giant Ea visible.


There are small settlements, and stations used for science or collecting energy. Tehería is governed by Eqilonia, but doesn’t have a capital, or cities.

The ocean that slowly turns into sand turns Tehería into a spotted land with sand and water.


Teheria is composed of large salt flats, deserts, and depressions. Where the ocean slowly dries and turns into deserts, landscapes made of sand and water appear that attracts tourists. In these zones, it is possible to stay without protecting suit for a few hours. In the regions close to the belt, however, it is not possible to stay without protecting suit.