Name: Tradjuedent

Capital: Pórtia

Languages: Alonian, Palanian

Population: 80 million

Demography: Alonians, Palanians, Farfestians, Scaleskins,

Economy: Eqilonian economy


Colonies: none

Colonization: Tradjuedent (“Red jewel in the sand”) used to be an Alonian colony, conquered before the Palanians arrived in Eqilonia, but was released to be independent. Tradjuedent kept the Alonian traditions after becoming independent, with Naikki spoken and the Alonian religion practiced in the country.

Geology: Tradjuedent is the hottest permanently colonized country on Íphael, with exception of Tehería. A climate border runs directly through the country, which makes travelling in Tradjuedent very perilous. The city Éyopan (“Fire Town”) is the hottest permanently colonized city on the planet. Nearly all of the city is protected by a shield, and there are farms, as growing food wouldn’t be possible.

Culture: The Tradjuedent Pepper plant, some sort of pepper, is one of the only plants that are able to thrive in this region. “Tradjuedent Pepper” is a famous meal that is known to be so hot that some people are not able to eat it.