Name: Zaentzygar (Sansegar)

Capital: Ód

Languages: Râshkád, Palanian, Alonian

Population: 3 billion

Demography: Scaleskins, Scaleskin-Palanians, Palanians, Scaleskin-Alonians

Economy: Capitalism


Colonies: none; the Scaleskins were given their own planet, Naptil (Al.: Naptaille, Rashk.: Naptra / Selpaine), in the solar system of Íphael.

The only country on Íphael that practices capitalism does have a dark and sometimes disturbing past, but also an inspiring story.

Mountains and steppe in the west of Zaentzygar.


The country of Zaentzygar does have dark chapters. The country was formed by Palanians around 7, Yúang, to breed and provide space for the artificially bred Scaleskin slaves.

The Scaleskins worked in the Realm, but were forced to live in Zaentzygar, and were not allowed to leave the country except for work. The spaces where the Scaleskins lived were narrow and offered only basic comfort, and nearly no privacy. Scaleskins had no means to decide what profession they wanted to choose; the Palanians decided for them. Dependent on what they decided, children were brought to the city that offered the education they needed. That means that children frequently got separated from their families. This was considered as acceptable.

The conditions in these “education cities” were usually humiliating and precarious. Because Scaleskins had been especially bred to be servants, after AIs had failed to be sufficient to the Palanians, and their DNA edited so that they would have the character and mind of a servant, it was considered as accepted to treat them like slaves.

Scaleskins always had a closer relationship to the Alonians. They viewed the Alonians as their creators (which they were), and respected them more than the Palanians. Also, Scaleskins in Alonia could have a career as warriors, and were treated like Alonian warriors when they were successful.

There were discussions whether or not the Alonians had provided the Scaleskins with weapons when they finally revolted against their slavery and against the Palanians.

After the surge, the Scaleskins were allowed to keep “their” country and form an independent state. The Scaleskins were also given the state of Mištan in Palania for the Scaleskins that were already in Palania. Later, the Scaleskins were given permission to settle on the planet of Naptil (Naptra) in the solar system of Íphael. The Alonians, who had been responsible to make the Scaleskins, helped colonize the planet and supported the Scaleskins with technology.




The Scaleskins have been created by the Alonians, and the Alonian culture did The Alonian religion is practiced in Zaentzygar, and the Scaleskins have adopted a lot of the traditions and customs of the Alonians.


Râshkád food is quite similar like Alonian food, but slightly hotter and with more fermented foods. They use seafood, fresh vegetables, and beyasóma, but not with as much herbs as the Alonians.



The Râshkád language is a bit similar to Alonian, and it might be possible that the Scaleskins wanted their language not to be similar to Mexala-talámy, so that they could talk to each other without the Palanians understanding.

Râshkád sounds a bit like Ávenoy-Naikki, and when talking Mexala-talámy, Scaleskins have an accent that sounds a bit like Ávenoy-Alonian. In Râshkád, the “r” gets rolled in a way that only Ávenoy-Naikki uses.


Meaning Râshkád Palanian Alonian
Zaentzygar Sansegar Zaentzygar Saensegar
Yes Datše Hista Déstis
No Nimá Nišmatec Nimá
Are you fine? Kú zúrima Han ya méo? / Hanaselvia? Q’ a ammar tetš?
My name is… Ketšamû… Hista / Hista námes… Nóro etš n’ a mû et.
Face Panym Páram
I Anu Hista Nóro



What to visit

The ruins of the ancient cities in which the Scaleskins used to be created when they were slaves can be visited. Most of the country is covered in steppe, which does offer marvellous views.



The capital of Zaentzygar that used to be the hotspot of violence and discrimination against the Scaleskins, now is a bustling, fascinating city. Ód actually is a lively, large city just like Palanian cities such as Ákolay. Whether you want to enjoy traditional Râshkád food, visit the remains of the ancient city, or want to see several museums, Ód has a lot to offer.

The name Ód derived from the word “ens” (“o”), which means “ours”.


Travel advice for Zaentzygar

Zaentzygar is very safe, despite the statistics that it is more criminal than all states in Eqilonia together.

Zaentzygar is the only state on Íphael in which capitalism is practiced, which of course led to some isolation of the country. Against common (Palanian) prejudice, though, Zaentzygar is not “behind”. You must consider that “behind” in Eqilonia still is very advanced, and Zaentzygar is still way more advanced in technology and health than the Earth. You ought to be aware that Eqilonia does not approve of capitalism and will not recommend visiting a country that does have this form of economy.

You may need a special process to enter Zaentzygar. Moving from Eqilonia to Zaentzygar or from Zaentzygar to Eqilonia is restricted by the Eqilonian government and needs permission, although it should not be hard for tourists to get the visa. The restriction that only allows a certain amount of citizens from Zaentzygar to enter Palania leads to schemes to smuggle people from Zaentzygar to Palania.

Zaentzygar lies in the steppe and prairie climate zone of Íphael and offers marvellous views.